June 2012 Blog Posts

Cycling to Pentagon City & Beyond: Now & the Future

It's about 2 miles from Columbia Pike's Town Center (the commercial zone centered around the intersection with Walter Reed Dr) to the Pentagon City Metro, a trip that should only take about 10 minutes by bicycle.  Cyclists on this route are a rare sight, however, due to traffic conditions and substandard infrastructure along the way.  Improvements are coming over the next few years; they won't bring cycling nirvana, and they won't come overnight, but overall they represent a significant improvement in the cycling experience between Columbia Pike, Pentagon City and Crystal City. Current Conditions Cycling on-street on Columbia Pike is quite harrowing...

Menchie's Frozen Yogurt coming to Penrose Square

One of my long-time desires for Columbia Pike is finally becoming reality: on a beautiful Summer evening, there will soon be a purveyor of sweet, frozen desserts within walking distance.  Menchie's Frozen Yogurt has signed a lease at Penrose Square.  I've never heard of Menchie's before, but they appear to be a nation-wide chain, and their caloric content seems comparable if slightly higher than other chains in the area like Red Mango.  Menchie's sells their yogurt and toppings by weight, much like the Yogiberry in Pentagon Row.  The location is expected to open this Fall. Thanks to Arlnow for the tip.